Touched by an Angel

My beloved dog Angel turned my life upside down and helped me realize pain, sorrow and
suffering that were hidden inside my heart. She helped me in bringing to the surface all my fears and projections as well as the duality that was holding me back from living and embracing my inner light fully. 

I experienced her transitioning with a lot of guilt, helplessness, deep sorrow and suffering.
Every day I’ve been wondering why. Why couldn’t I offer her a peaceful transitioning? Why
didn’t I listen to my intuition? Why did I let others decide about her well-being? Why did we
end up in this situation? Why did she endure such suffering in her final moments of her
physical form? 

I was left with so many questions that were echoing in my head. The grief and the pain
were so loud that I couldn’t see clearly. I could not see the truth and the beauty in divine
choices that our souls agreed to experience. 

Until one night when I couldn’t sleep I was riding waves of grief and guilt alternating with
waves of joy remembering all the beautiful memories. Questioning this whole time. 

I was feeling completely lost and down. At that moment, Angel came to me and started to
talk to me about everything. She explained the purpose behind our shared experience, shedding light on why her departure was both painful and dramatic for me. All I could see was pain, suffering and her spirit fighting not to leave the body. Throughout this struggle, she kept
saying she was happy and in peace. Her words didn’t fit in the picture I was seeing with
my own eyes. That was the moment my illusion was shattered. I realised it was all me. Me
seeing what I believed was her experience, me seeing her struggle, me seeing her sad,
me seeing her wanting to stay.  

This experience was intended to liberate me from suffering, sorrow, pain and my own
projections. That’s all they were: MY projections. They didn’t have anything to do with
other being’s experiences. They were all mine. Trapped in my mind not letting me see the
true nature of our existence.

She also told me that it’s high time I devoted myself fully to help and work with animals.

Still wondering what her message was?  

That night I gave a promise to myself and her that I will stop avoiding my heart calling and
from now on always listen to my intuition. I won’t let my mind trick me into thinking I know
what is best when the heart always leads to a timeless Self.

What I noticed afterward is that the pain and suffering were gone. I started seeing them
with different eyes. All I could feel was a fulfilling sense of peace and tranquility. For the
first time I realised the reason I am here now. 

I was no longer avoiding shelters. I stopped seeing only pain, suffering and sorrow. I
stopped getting attached to the stories about their lives feeling helpless. I finally realised I
could help them from the depth of my being. That’s when I started to collaborate with
shelters seeing their joy, letting go of all previous experiences and projections. Letting go
of my old picture of myself. My heart calling was finally stronger than my fear.

I am forever grateful to all the members of the animal kingdom who gracefully helped me
to start living in my heart and from my heart.