One to One

with animals & nature

Discover the splendour of your Heart with the grace and wisdom of the animal kingdom, Mother Nature and all life. Their enlightening wisdom and love is life-changing, inspiring and empowering. With their guidance we can rediscover our own unique light, live from the heart, and share our authentic gifts with the world.


tap into the heart of the awareness and
remember who you truly are.

When we move in the direction of the Heart, the whole Universe moves with us. We are never alone, we are always supported, loved and guided. We just need to ask—support and guidance are on their way.

Dissolve into wisdom of animals and nature

love is the key


Whether you want to improve your life, raise your consciousness, help the Earth or share your authentic gifts with the world—just ask. Animal kingdom and beings of Nature are thrilled to be of service. Their unique wisdom, love and grace offer guidance and clarity that rises from pure consciousness.


Your Guide Team will help you see things in a new way, make small or big changes to create a joyful life. You will receive information, guidance and inner transformation that will help you make the highest choices. The conversation will clear the cloudiness of mind and help you find peace inside your Heart.

remembering your heart-self

Animals constantly remind us that our perception of reality, filtered through our physical sight and psychological understanding, is only a small fraction of our existence and can be easily misinterpreted. Who we truly are cannot be defined by tangible things and must be discovered within our Heart.


Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery?

Together with your Guide Team—whoever comes to support you (animals, beings of nature, Mother Earth…) we dive into wisdom, love and presence of universal consciousness to receive insights into any struggles or obstacles that prevent you from being your most authentic self.

One to One conversations with nature can awaken a profound sense of gratitude and awareness, empowering us to discover and cherish our true selves. Surrender to the transformative force of its love and wisdom, and expand your horizons to discover new paths for self-discovery and growth.

Let’s embark on this delightful discovery together and unveil the abundance within you!

30 min

90 €

Conducted remotely via Google Meet.

60 min

175 €

Conducted remotely via Google Meet.

90 min

225 €

Conducted remotely via Google Meet.

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 Discover the splendour of your heart!

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Frequently Asked

One to one consultation is telepathic interspecies communication, offering a beautiful way to connect heart to heart with all living beings, including humans, animals, and nature.

It’s a simple conversation based on questions essential for understanding specific topics. You are more than welcome to bring questions or to voice any concerns or heartfelt needs that could use support and guidance. The insights will uncover themselves through telepathic communication with whoever comes to support you. If at any moment you feel confused or something isn’t clear, please let me know so we can ask more questions to be absolutely clear about what is being said. Together, we will dive into a space that will allow you to feel safe and supported, to gain a wider perspective and guidance in order to receive clarity, self-confidence and joy.

This consultation is for any human being who wants to:
– open their heart and see life in a new light
– transform life’s obstacles into blessings
– receive guidance and navigate life with joy and clarity
– express themselves freely and live authentically
– surrender to the natural flow of life and embrace the present moment
– re-member and re-discover their true nature

You can ask anything. No topic is off topic.

You don’t have to have an animal of your own. If you would like to talk to your own animals please schedule animal communication consultation.

No special preparation is needed. Each consultation is unique and it unfolds naturally on its own.

Having your questions written down can be helpful as we can get carried away and forget important things that you may want to ask. Our session will take place over the Google Meet. It’s recommended for you to be in a quiet place free from distractions.

During an Animal Communication consultation, we engage in a direct and interactive conversation with your animal companion. The aim of animal communication is to strengthen your bond, enhance mutual understanding and address any concerns you might have about them. You will get insights into their life, behaviour, wellbeing and relationships.

On the other hand, One to One consultation focuses on you. Together with the animal kingdom and beings of nature whoever comes to support you, we explore and open endless possibilities for your reflection, learning and growth. With their guidance you will be able to tap into a deeper understanding of your own existence and build a loving connection with yourself and the world around you.

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If you cannot find hours that meet your schedule, please contact me via email and we find time that best suits us both. The online booking service is provided by Setmore.

Booking via email
If you prefer to schedule your consultation via email and pay via bank transfer rather than PayPal, please contact me via email Include the days and hours that work best for you. Once you schedule your consultation you will receive a confirmation email. We will also send a reminder email approximately 24 hours before your consultation.

All payments must be made 48 hours before consultation.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your consultation, please choose one of the options in your booking email confirmation or send us an email 48h before your consultation.
In order to receive a full refund 48 hour notice is needed.