Animal Communication

being to being

It’s my joy to be the voice of your animal friend and open a space for mutual understanding and profound bonding. If you are willing to listen, you will discover how wise, loving and majestic beings they are. Through communication we learn from one another, expand our consciousness and change our lives for the better.

Connecting with animals heart to heart is the path to wholeness.

What is telepathic communication?

Telepathic animal communication is a direct two-way dialogue between Hearts. Between you and your animal friend. It is a silent conversation filled with direct questions, listening and exploring the best solutions for both parties.

We all speak the universal language of Love; it’s our natural intuition and innate ability. We just need to be reminded to listen and remember our true nature.

Communication is the key to a joyful life.

listen with your heart

deep bonding & heart openness

If you want to profoundly bond with your animal friends you have to be curious about getting to know them on a deeper level and embrace them for who they truly are. You can learn so much by simply asking questions.

Mutual understanding & trust

Being heard, felt and understood as you open up to each other is one of the most intimate and heart-connecting experiences we can share. Open-hearted communication creates a space for transformation, trust and harmony.

life changing wisdom & guidance

Just by listening not only will you understand and change their life, but their wisdom will shine a light on parts in your life that need your attention and clear seeing. Their guidance can help you overcome struggles and obstacles you face in your daily life. Their love is boundless, they know us better than we know ourselves.

boundless love, joy and harmony

Engage with open an heart and open mind with all beings and you will discover the true nature of all Hearts. Animals remind us of our light and why we are truly here. They remind us of our true self, our beingness.


Are you ready to have a heart to heart talk?

Animal Communication is a beautiful way to connect deeper and gain clear understanding directly from your animal friend. During live consultation you will receive answers, choices, guidance, lessons and healing; whatever is needed.

A real-time consultation gives you and your animal the opportunity to have a direct, heart to heart conversation and get the answers to any question or concern you might have. My role is simply to create a safe space where you can both share your hearts, facilitate communication and convey their messages. 

We can talk with individual animals, groups of animals, animals in spirit or the entire animal kingdom. Every conversation is a unique experience and reveals invaluable insights into the lives and perspectives of your animal friends.

30 min

90 €

Conducted remotely via Google Meet.

60 min

175 €

Conducted remotely via Google Meet.

90 min

225 €

Conducted remotely via Google Meet.


50 €

For returning clients only. If you would like to check-in or ask more questions about an ongoing situation that I am already familiar with. (Up to 20 min)

Sliding Scale

CUSTOM tailored

If you need to talk with your animal friend but experience financial hardship, each month I open a few slots for sliding scale appointments.

Sanctuaries & Shelters


With great joy I’m gifting all my services to sanctuaries or shelters. Please get in touch by email or phone.

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Frequently Asked

Animal communication consultation is an interactive conversation that involves active listening, asking direct questions, and working together to uncover valuable insights and explore the best solutions.

First, we’ll listen to your perspective and address any concerns, questions or topics you wish to discuss with your beloved animal. Then, we’ll explore your animal companion’s thoughts and feelings about it. Animals are overjoyed when their humans take the time to comprehend their point of view. This fresh perspective could potentially illuminate the path to resolving any challenges you may be facing with them.

During our time together, I will ask your animal companion questions you have, facilitate communication, and convey their messages to you. Animals communicate through emotions, images, thoughts, physical sensations, smells, tastes, and inner knowing. If at any moment you feel confused or uncertain about your animal’s message, please do let me know so we can ask more questions and seek further clarification to ensure a complete understanding.

Before the consultation, take some time to contemplate the areas of interest or concern you wish to discuss with your animal companion. Writing down specific questions can be really helpful in guiding the conversation and making sure that you cover the topics that are most important to you. Animals may not talk about your areas of concern unless you focus their attention on them.

Unlike verbal communication, animal communication is a form of telepathy where thoughts, emotions, and images are exchanged. The amazing thing about telepathic connection is that it’s not limited by distance or time. So, you don’t necessarily need to have the animal physically present with you during our time together.

To establish a clear and focused connection, it’s important to find a quiet space where you can concentrate without any interruptions.

Last but not least, approach the conversation with an open mind and heart. By creating a safe space, you allow your animal companion to freely express their thoughts and feelings. Embracing the wisdom of the animal world can bring you guidance, peace, and joy in your journey together.

When selecting the consultation duration keep in mind the amount of questions and number of animals you would like to talk with. Each animal is different and may require different duration.

Important factors to consider:

  • The amount of questions and animals you might have
  • Your curiosity regarding your relationship with your animal friends, their life and wisdom
  • A particularly challenging or concern situation

Animals come into our lives for many reasons, they offer numerous blessings, teachings and healing. Animal communication helps us humans and our animal friends transform our lives, build trust and create life of peace, harmony, love and compassion.

Through animal communication we can:
– unravel profound insights about their life, behaviour, wellbeing and relationships
– understand your animal’s needs, feelings, perspectives and experiences
– uncover any projections, misinterpretations and misunderstandings
– discover the causes, reasons and possible solutions to any behaviours
– find solutions, directions and make compassionate decisions in times of illness or transition
– experience grace, serenity and timeless love with beloved animals who has crossed over
– learn about ourselves and life from their love and wisdom
– hear directly from animals how they view their lives, purpose and everyday likes and dislikes
– deepen our relationships with animals, fellow humans and ourselves as well
– reconnect with nature and natural state of being

  • health issues/wellness/treatment preferences
  • behaviours/training
  • rescue
  • food preferences/allergies/sensitivities/nutritional needs
  • passing on
  • activities/lifestyle/introduction of new family members
  • transitions/moves/travel
  • pain/what’s it like/what makes it better/worse
  • any topic of interest or importance
  • hear their insight into our own human lives

The most common questions:
Why do you have this new (unacceptable) behavior?
Are you trying to tell me something?
Is there something you want?
Is there something upsetting you?
Are you willing to change or stop the behavior? If so, how can I support you in stopping the behavior?
What would have us living joyfully and harmoniously?
How are you feeling?
Are you in pain? If so, where do you hurt and how can I help you?
What is the pain like?
How may I enhance your wellbeing?
Do you like your food?
Are you lacking any nutrients in your diet?
Do you feel fully nourished?
Are you sensitive or allergic to anything that you are eating?
How is your digestion, circulation, etc. etc.?
Do you like the activities we do?
Is there something else you would rather do?
Are you happy on your own or do you want a companion of your own species or of another species?
Do you like my new boyfriend, girlfriend?
Do they treat you well?
Do you feel stressed, frustrated, bored?
How is it for you when I travel or when I am super busy with my work?
What are your preferences for your care when I must be away?
Do you like to travel or ride in the car?
If we can take you along with us, would you want to join us on our vacation?
What is your preferred manner of riding in the car?

Questions for animals in the transition of death:
In the transition of death. Are you suffering?
What are your preferences and how can I make you most comfortable and content?
Do you want a particular treatment or procedure?
What is your preference for care?
Do you want assistance in making the transition of death?
Do you want to be buried or cremated?
Do you have a preference for whether I keep your ashes or disperse them in nature?
Do you have a request as to where you would like your ashes dispersed?

Questions for animals who have passed on:
Do you know that I love you?
Are you still around?
How was your transition?
Did I let you down in some way during our time together?
Will you forgive me?
Is there anything I can do for you?
Will you ever return to be with me?
Do you have any suggestions for me for my life?

Questions for rescued pets:
Where did you come from?What was your life like before?Did you suffer abuse or neglect in some way? What makes you afraid?Why do you behave the way you do?Are you as afraid as you seem?

Questions for competitive and service animals:
.Do you like what we are doing?
Do you share my dreams and goals for these particular activities and events?
Is there something you would rather do, or is there a way of working with you that would have you really loving what we are doing and cooperating as a great partner or teammate?

  • Diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure any illness or medical issues. For any emergency, diagnosis, treatment plan, or physical illness please contact your veterinarian.
    Animals might give insights about their physical limitation or pain, share their wishes, preferences and suggest solutions—these are suggestions to investigate and discuss with your veterinarian. Never forget that you are your animal’s first and greatest advocate. You are responsible for their physical health and emotional well-being.
  • “Make” or force animals to change their behaviour against their free will. They always act based on what makes sense to them from their perspective. Our aim is to understand their perspective and work together with you to find a best solution for both.
  • Substitute for professional behaviour training and does not always solve behavioural problems. Animal communication can help you to understand reasons and motivations behind their behaviour. Understanding is the first step towards finding a solution and must be followed by action in order to affect lasting change.

Of course! Everyone has the ability to communicate telepathically with their own and other species, its our innate nature. If you would like to experience the true effortlessness of telepathic animal communication I recommend my mentor Maia Kincaid. I’m truly grateful for her presence and the majestic work she does and shares with all of us in the most natural and simplest way possible. She cleared the air from all the cloudiness and disbeliefs that are out there regarding animal communication.

If you are interested check out her website for more info

During an Animal Communication consultation, we engage in a direct and interactive conversation with your animal companion. The aim of animal communication is to strengthen your bond, enhance mutual understanding and address any concerns you might have about them. You will get insights into their life, behaviour, wellbeing and relationships.

On the other hand, One to One consultation focuses on you. Together with the animal kingdom and beings of nature whoever comes to support you, we explore and open endless possibilities for your reflection, learning and growth. With their guidance you will be able to tap into a deeper understanding of your own existence and build a loving connection with yourself and the world around you.

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